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Pakistan vs Bangladesh OBO

Pakistan have eased home by eight wickets and we now know all of the eight sides who'll take place in the super eights!

19th over: Pakistan 176-2 (K.Akmal 22, Jamshed 29) Singles apiece from Akmal and Jamshed mean they just need three to win. A wide from Islam is given so just two required. Pakistan win by 8 wickets. Akmal see's Pakistan home with a beautiful boundary to finish,.

Islam 2.4-0-35-0 

18th over: Pakistan 171-2 (K.Akmal 17, Jamshed 28) Pakistan are cruising now and take singles from each off the first three deliveries. One more single and they are almost there. Pakistan need 5 to win from 12 balls. 

Razzak 4-0-30-0 (7.5 runs per over)

17th over: Pakistan 167-2 (K.Akmal 15, Jamshed 26) Singles are exchanged before Jamshed takes over with a glorious four before a fortunate six after his top edge is just over the boundary ropes! Akmal also hits a boundary and there was 17 from the over! Pakistan need 9 more runs to win from 18 balls.

Mahmudallah 2-0-24-0 (12 runs per over)

16th over: Pakistan 150-2 (K.Akmal 10, Jamshed 15) Jamshed smashes through the onside for his first boundary and with his next ball smashes a six on the offside meaning Pakistan have qualified for the super eights! Akmal joins in on the fun as he times it beautifully off the pads for his first boundary. Another four from Akmal as he cuts brilliantly through the gully area. 19 runs from the over! Pakistan need 26 runs to win from 24 balls. 

Abul Hasan 3-0-33-2 (11 runs per over)

15th over: Pakistan 131-2 (K.Akmal 2, Jamshed 4) The two new batsmen hit a single with each of the first five deliveries. Dot ball with the last one. Pakistan need 9 more runs to qualify from 30 balls. 

Al Hasan 4-0-23-0 (5.75 runs per over)

14th over: Pakistan 126-2 (K. Akmal 0, Jamshed 1) Nazir slog sweeps for four with the first ball of the Abul Hasan over. Nazir 72 c sub (Reza) b Abul Hasan. Bangladesh have their first wicket as Nazir tries one too many shots and was easily caught in the deep by the sub fielder Reza. Brilliant innings from Nazir though and one that mean Pakistan will progress. Hafeez 45 c Rahim b Abul Hasan. A second wicket in the over as the captain is caught behind playing at a wide delivery. Pakistan need 14 more runs to qualify from 36 balls.

Abul Hasan 2-0-14-2 (7 runs per over)

13th over: Pakistan 118-0 (Hafeez 44, Nazir 66) Quick running mean Pakistan get four from the first three balls when really they should have only got two! And all together there is six from the over. Pakistan need 22 more runs to qualify from 42 balls. 

Al Hasan 3-0-18-0 (6 runs per over)

12th over: Pakistan 112-0 (Hafeez 42, Nazir 62) Beautiful timing from Hafeez as he flicks of his pads for four runs! Another short delivery is smashed away by Hafeez and Pakistan are closing in on qualification here! Three more singles, 11 from the over. Pakistan need 28 more runs to qualify from 48 balls. 

Razzak 3-0-26-0 (8.66 runs per over)

11th over: Pakistan 101-0 (Hafeez 32, Nazir 61) Three Hafeez runs are backed up with a four from Nazir which brings up the 100 for Pakistan and also the 100 run partnership from these two. Eight from the over. Pakistan need 40 runs from 54 balls to qualify.

Mahmudallah 1-0-7-0

10th over: Pakistan 92-0 (Hafeez 29, Nazir 56) 50 from Nazir . In fitting fashion from the way he's played this innings, Nazir brings up his fifty with a six. It's also the fastest half-century of the tournament so far! Nazir and Hafeez exchange singles, and there was eight from Al Hasan's second over. Pakistan need 48 runs from 60 balls to qualify. 

Al Hasan 2-0-12-0 (6 runs per over)

9th over: Pakistan 84-0 (Hafeez 28, Nazir 49) First over from Abul Hasan who dropped Nazir when he was on 1! Nazir pulls Hasan's second delivery for four and goes within one of his half century. Quickly ran two from Hafeez. Seven runs from the over. Pakistan need 56 runs from 66 balls to qualify.  

Abul Hasan 1-0-6-0

8th over: Pakistan 77-0 (Hafeez 26, Nazir 45) Two singles are backed up with a beautiful lofted drive from Nazir for four more runs! Nine runs from the over. Pakistan need 63 runs from 72 balls to qualify.

Razzak 2-0-15-0 (7.5 runs per over)

7th over: Pakistan 68-0 (Hafeez 25, Nazir 37) Al Hasan after his brilliant knock with the bat is having his first bowl and with his first delivery should have had a wicket as their LBW appeal against Nazir would've hit the wickets! Just the four runs from the over. Pakistan need 72 runs from 78 balls to qualify.

Al Hasan 1-0-4-0

6th over: Pakistan 64-0 (Hafeez 24, Nazir 35) Razzak comes on for his first over and starts brilliantly with three dot balls as the last beats the edge of Hafeez. Hossain does brilliantly in the field to prevent a boundary, and in doing so saves three runs. Nazir however with the next ball makes the most of a short and wide delivery and hits it through point for another boundary. A single from the last ball means that there was six runs from the last power play over.

Razzak 1-0-6-0

5th over: Pakistan 58-0 (Hafeez 23, Nazir 30) Hafeez pulls for yet another boundary, before exchanging the strike with a single of the third ball of the over. More Bangladesh pain as Nazir lofts another boundary over the batsmen's head, the boundary brings up the 50 partnership.Nazir has 24 from 10 balls! Another huge six from Nazir and Pakistan are romping towards the 140 they need to progress!

Mortaza 3-0-30-0 (10 runs per over)

4th over: Pakistan 43-0 (Hafeez 18, Nazir 20) The first LBW appeal of the match really as Islam goes up for one against Hafeez however it's rightly not given. Nazir lofts the ball brilliantly back over the bowlers head for four, and the next Islam delivery is wide and races past Rahim for five wides. Islam drops too short and Nazir pulls it for another boundary. Another short delivery and this time Nazir pulls it even further and for six glorious runs. 20 runs from the over!

Islam 2-0-28-0 (14 runs per over)

3rd over: Pakistan 23-0 (Hafeez 17, Nazir 6) Hafeez drives beautifully through mid-off for four. However only one more run was added in the third over as Mortaza got better as the over got older.

Mortaza 2-0-15-0 (7.5 runs per over)

2nd over: Pakistan 18-0 (Hafeez 12, Nazir 6) Another easy drop! Abul Hasan won't get an easier chance this match as Nazir lofts Islam's first ball high in the air but Abul Hasan can't catch it, huge chance gone for Bangladesh. The duo share singles before Nazir whacks it through mid-wicket for another boundary. Good start from Pakistan.

Islam 1-0-8-0

1st over: Pakistan 10-0 (Hafeez 9, Nazir 1) First ball is edged just over first slip for four and Bangladesh are unlucky! The second boundary of the over is a more controlled one from Hafeez and Pakistan have come out quickly. A single apiece from Hafeez and Nazir take the first over's score to 10.

Mortaza 1-0-10-0

Pakistan are out and need to be better with their bat then they were with the ball and especially in the field!

Bangladesh led superbly by Shakib Al Hasan have posted 175, meaning Pakistan need 176 to win; however to progress to the super eights, they only need 140, meaning seven runs an over will be enough for them.

20th over: Bangladesh 175-6 (Hossain 16, Rahman 1) The last over of the innings. Al Hasan and Hossain exchange singles. Al Hasan 84 c U Akmal b Arafat. A full toss isn't connected with properly by Al Hasan and he is caught in the deep; however he has given his side a chance of progression with this innings! Rahman is on with just three balls left and gets a single with his first ball. Hossain thrashes Arafat through point for another boundary. Hossain 16 b Arafat. Hossain is bowled by a brilliant yorker with the final ball of the innings.

Arafat 3-0-25-3 (7.33 runs per over)

19th over: Bangladesh 168-4 (Hossain 11, Al Hasan 83) Hossain does the sensible thing and gets Al Hasan on strike with the first ball of Ajmal's final over. Al Hasan runs a very quick two. Al Hasan scoops Ajmal beautifully for three. A leg bye and Al Hasan single are followed up by a Hossain smash towards long off for his first boundary. 12 from the over.

Ajmal 4-0-33-0 (8.25 runs per over)

18th over: Bangladesh 156-4 (Hossain 6, Al Hasan 77) Gul is back on and his full delivery is swept excellently for a boundary! Gul follows up with a beautiful yorker and just misses the stumps. Umar Akmal misfields so Al Hasan runs a cheap two! Al Hasan pulls Gul once again and another boundary takes the over total to 10 with one to go. Another cracking shot from Al Hasan as he cracks Gul through the mid wicket for another boundary. 14 from the over.

Gul 3-0-43-0 (14.33 runs per over)

17th over: Bangladesh 142-4 (Hossain 6, Al Hasan 63) Ajmal is back on and Hossain runs an early two which is followed by a very quickly ran single. Three more singles ensure Ajmal only concedes six from the over.

Ajmal 3-0-21-0 (7 runs per over)

16th over: Bangladesh 136-4 (Hossain 2, Al Hasan 61) Mahmudallah c U Akmal b Afridi. With just his second ball Mahmudallah is caught in the deep as Afridi takes his first wicket of the match. Hossain is the next batsmen in and gets off the mark with the first ball. Afridi gets the outside egde however Akmal behind the stumps can't take it and Hossain gets away with it! Hossain is lucky again as he lofts it in the air, but safe! Just the three from the over.

Afridi 4-0-20-1 (5 runs per over)

15th over: Bangladesh 133-3 (Mahmudallah 0, Al Hasan 60) Just two from the first three delivers in Arfat's second over. Rahim 25 c Nazir b Arafat. Rahim is gone, caught smartly in the deep from Nazir. Mahmudallah is the next batsmen in; however Al Hasan faces and lofts Tanvir towards the deep mid wicket for another boundary.

Arafat 2-0-18-1 (9 runs per over)

14th over: Bangladesh 127-2 (Rahim 24, Al Hasan 55) Afridi is back and Al Hasan cuts the first ball for a single. A dot ball is followed by a wide ball before Rahim drags a short delivery through mid wicket for a a boundary. Singles are exchanged with the next three deliveries.

Afridi 3-0-17-0 (5.66 runs per over)

13th over: Bangladesh 118-2 (Rahim 19, Al Hasan 53) I'm not quite sure how Rahim has got away with that. Yasir Arafat with his first ball drops it short and Rahim offers Tanvir the simpliest of chances and he can't take it! Al Hasan gets a top edge and it brings about the 50 partnership between this two as it reaches the boundary. 50 for Al Hasan. Al Hasan pulls a poor Arafat bouncer for a huge six, in doing so brings up his 50. Afridi drops Al Hasan; however it was a very hard chance and the single is ran.

Arafat 1-0-12-0

12th over: Bangladesh 106-2 (Rahim 18, Al Hasan 42) Two singles from the first three balls is a good start for Ajmal and Al Hasan is fortunate not to be out as he skies a shot but it lands safely. Only four from the over as Pakistan look to recover.

Ajmal 2-0-15-0 (7.5 runs per over)

11th over: Bangladesh 102-2 (Rahim 16, Al Hasan 40) Gul is back and has improved his length from his previous over which went for 17 runs. Rahim gets a single with the second ball. Al Hasan is on one here and pulls Gul to the mid wicket boundary. Gul comes round the wicket; however another boundary as another cut shot from Al Hasan takes him to 39. He goes to 40 with a single back past the bowler.

Gul 2-0-29-0 (14.5 runs per over)

10 over: Bangladesh 90-2 (Rahim 15, Al Hasan 29) The number one T20 bowler is on for his first over and starts by conceding just the four from four balls; however a fortunate bottom edge from Al Hasan goes to the boundary! There was nothing fortunate about his second fur of the over as he comes down the track and lofts it to the deep mid wicket boundary.

Ajmal 1-0-12-0

9th over: Bangladesh 78-2 (Rahim 14, Al Hasan 18) Another Afridi over starts with two dot balls; however a Rahim edge produces a well ran three! Just one more from the over ensures Afridi has started well.

Afridi 2-0-8-0 (4 runs per over)

8th over: Bangladesh 74-2 (Rahim 11, Al Hasan 17) Rahim cuts well, however its just two runs when there should've been three! Rahim sweeps beautifully for the first six of the innings! Nine from the over in total.

Hafeez 3-0-28-0 (9.33 runs per over)

7th over: Bangladesh 65-2 (Rahim 2, Al Hasan 17) Afridi is on for his first over and as its the seventh over, its the end of the powerplay meaning the fielding restrictions are lifted! Just two singles from the first three balls, but the fourth ball of the over is given as a wide! Rahim ends the over with a single; however just the four runs from the Afridi over.

Afridi 1-0-4-0

6th over: Bangladesh 61-2 (Rahim 0, Al Hasan 16) Two consecutive drives from Al Hasan reach the boundary as Bangladesh make a flying start. Al Hasan flicks the fourth ball of the over for the third boundary of the over. Iqbal 24 run out (Hafeez). A gift to get Bangladesh back into the match as Al Hasan sends Iqbal back, but he's stumbling and Hafeez has the simple job of knocking the bails off, shame as he'd started like a train! Rahim is the next man in, however Al Hasan faces the last delivery which is a dot ball.

Tanvir 3-0-25-1 (8.33 runs per over)

5th over: Bangladesh 49-1 (Iqbal 24, Al Hasan 4) Hafeez replaces the wayward Gul; however he is cut to the boundary with the first ball. The second also reaches the boundary as Iqbal simply flicks it away. Four singles with the next four balls to see the over out.

Hafeez 2-0-19-0 (9.50 runs per over)

4th over: Bangladesh 37-1 (Iqbal 14, Al Hasan 2) Ashraful hits the first ball of the over for four. Ashraful 14 b Tanvir.  However he is castled with the next delivery as Tanvir gets the break through Pakistan needed! Al Hasan is the next man in and Tanvir strays wide with the first ball. A better line from Tanvir ensures Al Hasan can't get off the mark with the next two deliveries. He does get two with his third ball though with a lofted drive. Tanvir finishes with a dot ball.

Tanvir 2-0-13-1 (6.50 runs per over)

3rd over: Bangladesh 30-0 (Iqbal 14, Ashraful 10) Umar Gul is on for his first over, and starts with a dot ball. Iqbal pulls beautifully for his first boundary of the match. Gul see's Iqbal coming down the wicket so places it wider; however too wide and goes between the keeper and first slip for five wides! Two played and misses from Iqbal, however he connects this time as Gul strays slightly wide and his slayed for four. Another short ball from Gul is given the same treatment in the form of the fourth boundary of the over. 17 from it.

Gul 1-0-17-0

2nd over: Bangladesh 13-0 (Iqbal 2, Ashraful 10) Iqbal gets a single with the first ball of Tanvir's spell, which is also a no-ball, meaning Ashraful is given a free hit with the next ball and he scoops it beautifully for another boundary. Three dot balls are followed by a play and miss from Ashraful and is lucky not to edge it through to Akmal. Another play and a miss ensures its a good end to the over for Pakistan.

Tanvir 1-0-6-0

1st over: Bangladesh 7-0 (Iqbal 1, Ashraful 6) The captain opts to open the bowling for Pakistan. Gets turn with the first ball as Iqbal edges safely for a single with the first ball. Two dot balls are followed by a well lofted sweep shot from Ashraful for the first boundary of the game. A second consecutive slog sweep gives Ashraful two more, and is followed by a dot ball.

Haffez 1-0-7-0

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Mohammed Ashraful, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (Capt & wk), Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain, Abul Hasan, Ziaur Rahman, Mashrafe Mortaza, Shafiul Islam

Pakistan: Mohammed Hafeez (Capt), Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal (wk), Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Yasir Arafat, Sohail Tanvir, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal

New Zealand are through whatever the result here as both Bangladesh and Pakistan can't have a better net run rate then the Kiwi's as a result of this match, so they can sit back and relax!

Team News: Abul Hasan replaces Elias Sunny for Bangladesh whilst Pakistan are unchanged.

Bangladesh don't just need to win, they also need to win by 36 runs or more! And when you consider the fact Bangladesh haven't been Pakistan in a one day game in 20 years, it doesn't bode well for Bangladesh.

Bangladesh win the toss and will bat first!

It's the last of the World T20 group stage matches and Bangladesh need to beat Pakistan if they've any chance of progression. Bangladesh were thrashed by a Brendan McCullum inspired New Zealand whilst Pakistan beat the Kiwi's by 14 runs.

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