Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Australia vs India updates

44th over- Australia 154/3 (Clarke 34, Ponting 68)
An Ashwin maiden.
Ashwin 13-3-24-2

Sky currently showing little pieces of Michael Clarke's fantastic 329* innings in the second test. What a performance and a perfect example of putting the team before himself, could've easily beaten Brian Lara's 400* all time record there.

43rd over- Australia 154/3 (Clarke 34, Ponting 68)
Sky recalling the second test when it was infact these two who turned the game hugely in the Aussies direction, could lightening strike twice?  The over before the drinks break is a maiden for Sharma.
Sharma 9-3-18-0

Bowling figures
Z.Khan 11-1-32-1
U.Yadav 9-0-67-0
R.Ashwin 12-3-24-2
I.Sharma 8-2-18-0
V.Sehwag 2-0-8-0

42nd over- Australia 154/3 (Clarke 34, Ponting 68)
Rory McIlroy will be watching the tennis as his partner Caroline Wozniacki steps onto court with the Belgain Kim Clijsters. Two Ponting runs in the 42nd over.
Ashwin 12-3-24-2

41st over- Australia 152/3 (Clarke 34, Ponting 66)
Ishant's back and Ponting gets two with a nice cut shot. Poor cricket all round as Pontings drive is air born; however doesn't reach Ashwin in the field, who lets Ponting go through for a single with a misfield. Clarke times his drive beautifully through extra cover and another boundary for the captain. Seven from the over, which saw the Aussies go past 150.
Sharma 8-2-18-0

40th over- Australia 145/3 (Clarke 30, Ponting 63)
Ashwin continues and Australia are looking comfortable at the moment dare I say it. Just the one Ponting run from the over.
Ashwin 11-3-22-2

39th over- Australia 144/3 (Clarke 30, Ponting 62)
These two plus Michael Hussey are the three key batsmen in this innings now, and India probably need a wicket soon if they are to stay on top of the match. Khan continues and Clarke gets four with a nicely placed shot down to fine leg.
Khan 11-1-32-1

38th over- Australia 140/3 (Clarke 26, Ponting 62)
I'm a genius, Yadav doesn't continue and is replaced by Ashwin who had a very good spell with the ball this morning. Amongst all the runs Yadav conceded I missed out Clarke and Ponting brought up the second 50 partnership of the match. Just the one from the Ashwin over.
Ashwin 10-3-21-2

37th over- Australia 139/3 (Clarke 25, Ponting 62)
Azarenka has beaten Radwanska in three sets in Melbourne and is the first Woman into the semi-finals. Anyways, in the cricket Khan can't decide what side of the wicket he wants to bowl to Clarke at in another tight over. Clarke gets away with an edge which doesn't carry to the slips. Three from the over.
Khan 10-1-28-1

36th over- Australia 136/3 (Clarke 22, Ponting 62)
Are you Mitchell Johnson in disguise? A horrible looking bouncer beats Saha and goes for five wides. Probably be Yadav's last over with Sehwag's confidence in his bowler decreases with no slips in place. Easy singles to the batsmen as the last four balls are one's. Nine from the over.
Yadav 9-0-67-0

35th over- Australia 127/3 (Clarke 20, Ponting 60)
Khan in his ninth over keeps consistently tight only for Sharma to misfield to give Ponting another three.
Khan 9-1-25-1

34th over- Australia 124/3 (Clarke 20, Ponting 57)
Ponting again drives brilliantly past the bowler for another boundary against Yadav's name. Better from Yadav who gets a play and miss from Clarke; however on the hole both are playing him with relative ease. Seven from the over as Yadav lowers his run rate to a watertight 7.25.
Yadav 8-0-58-0

33rd over- Australia 117/3 (Clarke 19, Ponting 51)
More runs for Australia who have come out positively since lunch, Clarke guides Khan to the square leg boundary. And just them four runs from the over as Khan tightens his line up with the last five balls.
Khan 8-1-22-1

32nd over- Australia 113/3 (Clarke 15, Ponting 51)
Ponting brings up another test fifty with a quickly ran two. Clarke pulls Yadav for a boundary and the young bowler is becoming very expensive. Eight runs from the over, Yadav going at 7.46 runs per over.
Yadav 7-0-51-0

31st over- Australia 105/3 (Clarke 10, Ponting 48)
Khan to continue and why not? He's bowled a good line today. One's for both Clarke and Ponting before the latter drives Khan with the last ball for a lovely three runs.
Khan 7-1-18-1

30th over- Australia 100/3 (Clarke 9, Ponting 44)
Yadav is given the first over after lunch and strays down the leg side twice allowing both Clarke and Ponting easy singles to start the session.
Yadav 6-0-43-0

This isn't the only sporting event happening in Down Under currently, its the first side of both the Male and Female quarter finals at the Australian Open and in the first of the latter quarter finals Victoria Azarneka and Agnieszka Radwanska are currently level at one set apiece. The Pole Radwanska took the first set on a tie break, before the third seed Azarneka leveled the game in impressive style winning the set to love.

Lunch break at the Adelaide Oval and India will be very pleased after the opening session, with the wicket of Cowan swinging it in their favour. Sehwag's captaincy has been good and positive, with only the exclusion of a third slip at times his downfall.

29th over- Australia 98/3 (Clarke 8, Ponting 43)
Khan comes back into the fray replacing Sehwag, who starts by coming around the wicket to Clarke. A single with the last ball before lunch means Khan doesn't get his maiden, but its been India's morning as the players go off for lunch.
Khan 6-1-13-1

28th over- Australia 97/3 (Clarke 7, Ponting 43)
Clarke whose a great player of spin finds two through the gully point area with the first ball of the over and backs that up with a boundary, which Yadav at extra cover should've prevented. A further single means its been Ashwin's most expensive over so far.
Ashwin 9-3-20-2

27th over- Australia 90/3 (Clarke 0, Ponting 43)
Sehwag continues and Ponting comes down to the ground to the pitch of the ball for another boundary, his seventh of the innings. Two further runs through cover edge Ponting closer to his half-century. For those interest Ponting is three for three when it comes to centuries at Adelaide vs India and he looks set for four from four today, playing great is the former captain.
Sehwag 2-0-8-0

26th over- Australia 84/3 (Clarke 0, Ponting 37)
Shane Watson asks how many test centuries has Ricky Ponting made against India in Adelaide? And as the Sky commentators contemplate whether its one or two, Ashwin gets Cowan caught in the point cover area by Laxman. Lazy shot really by Cowan who had looked comfortable and was set. Australia's captain Michael Clarke comes to the crease for a nervy spell before the lunch break. Wicket maiden for Ashwin.
Ashwin 8-3-13-2

25th over- Australia 84/2 (Cowan 30, Ponting 37)
The captain Sehwag brings himself on for a bit of part-time spin before lunch. Comfortable singles apiece for the duo.
Sehwag 1-0-2-0

24th over- Australia 82/2 (Cowan 29, Ponting 36)
A Ponting sweep brings up the 50 partnership as these two fight back. Singles apiece to Cowan and Ponting means there is six from the over.
Ashwin 7-2-13-1

23rd over- Australia 76/2 (Cowan 28, Ponting 31)
Maiden impressive over from Sharma.
Sharma 7-2-11-0

22nd over- Australia 76/2 (Cowan 28, Ponting 31)
Ashwin back on replacing the expensive Yadav and just the single from it.
Ashwin 6-2-7-1

21st over- Australia 75/2 (Cowan 28, Ponting 30)
No third slip means Cowan's edge through that region goes unpunished and four runs added with a fortunate boundary. The pair run two from a shot that just beats cover. Sharma's been unlucky this morning not to have picked a wicket up.
Sharma 6-1-11-0

20th over- Australia 69/2 (Cowan 22, Ponting 30)
Leg bye to start the over. Ponting pulls the next delivery for his third consecutive boundary against Yadav. On his back foot Ponting drives another four through point. Another expensive Yadav over ends with a single apiece for Ponting and Cowan. Yadav has conceded 41 of the 69 runs Australia have scored so far, to be fair to him, his bad balls have been punished and his good one's having been edged for runs too.
Yadav 5-0-41-0

19th over- Australia 58/2 (Cowan 21, Ponting 21)
Just a single from a tight Sharma over.
Sharma 5-1-5-0

18th over- Australia 57/2 (Cowan 20, Ponting 21)
Ponting with a horrible attempted pull shot, completely misses and lucky not to edge a short Yadav pull. Yadav follows that up with a rank wide delivery which Ponting flicks comfortably to fine leg for a boundary. Yadav bowls great line and unfortunate to see Ponting's edge go to where a fourth slip would've been but instead gives Ponting another boundary. Nine from the over.
Yadav 4-0-30-0

17th over- Australia 48/2 (Cowan 19, Ponting 13)
Both Ponting and Cowan tap and run for singles in a good over from Sharma who troubles Ponting with the last ball.
Sharma 4-1-4-0

16th over- Australia 46/2 (Cowan 18, Ponting 12)
Yadav continues as Ian Healy praises Sehwag's captaincy on sky. An improved over from Yadav, conceding just the two runs; which included a short ball that troubled Ponting.
Yadav 3-0-21-0

15th over- Australia 44/2 (Cowan 17, Ponting 11)
Cowan with another single. Five dot balls see out of the over as the two sides have a drink break.
Sharma 3-1-2-0

14th over- Australia 43/2 (Cowan 16, Ponting 11)
Yadav replaces Ashwin. Ponting puts a half volley away for three runs. A single from Cowan. Ponting drives brilliantly back past the bowler for his first boundary. Yadav expensive again.
Yadav 2-0-20-0

13th over- Australia 35/2 (Cowan 15, Ponting 4)
Just the single of Sharma's second over.
Sharma 2-1-1-0

12th over- Australia 34/2 (Cowan 15, Ponting 3)
Ashwin gets a play and miss from Ponting with third ball. Ponting gets three with a cut shot of the last ball of another impressive Ashwin over.
Ashwin 5-2-6-1

11th over- Australia 31/2 (Cowan 15, Ponting 0)
Ishant Sharma replaces the impressive Khan. Cowan strong in defence as Sharma comes from around the wicket. A maiden to start for Sharma.
Sharma 1-1-0-0

10th over- Australia 31/2 (Cowan 15, Ponting 0)
A single from Cowan. Ashwin bowls Marsh whose nowhere near it. Marsh had look nervy and was nowhere near a ball that didn't spin much. A deserved wicket for Ashwin who had started brilliantly. Ricky Ponting in earlier then he had hoped. Very much India's morning.
Ashwin 4-2-3-1

9th over- Australia 30/1 (Cowan 14, Marsh 3)
Khan hits Marsh's pads; however just missing the stups. Great bowling from Khan who gets a play and a miss from the out of form Marsh. Too full and straight from Khan and Marsh flicks away from two. Another good over from Khan as India start to apply pressure.
Khan 5-1-12-1

8th over- Australia 28/1 (Cowan 14, Marsh 1)
Ashwin gets an edge out of Cowan but lands safely. Marsh gets away with a single to mid-off. Cowan lucky his drive towards mid-on falls short of the fielder. Couple of singles from another impressive over Ashwin.
Ashwin 3-2-2-0

7th over- Australia 26/1 (Cowan 13, Marsh 0)
Khan in for a fourth over, Cowan pulls second ball for a single. Warner given lbw to an inswinger from Khan. New batsman Marsh defends his first ball. Impressive over from Khan, who built on the pressure applied by the spinner Ashwin.
Khan 4-1-10-1

6th over- Australia 24/0 (Cowan 12, Warner 8)
Ashwin continues, Warner finds Kohli in the field with four of the six deliveries. Another maiden from Ashwin, whose kept the quick scoring Warner quiet.
Ashwin 2-2-0-0

5th over- Australia 24/0 (Cowan 12, Warner 8)
Cowan picks up a couple through cover. Khan pitches too short and Cowan pulls brilliantly for another boundary.
Khan 3-1-6-0

4th over- Australia 18/0 (Cowan 6, Warner 8)
New captain Sehwag replaces Yadav with the spin option of Ashwin. Maiden over.
Ashwin 1-1-0-0

3rd over- Australia 18/0 (Cowan 6, Warner 8)
Singles apiece for Cowan and Warner with first two balls. Khan with impressive over, minus last ball.
Khan 2-1-2-0

2nd over- Australia 16/0 (Cowan 5, Warner 7)
Warner pushes a quick three runs with the first ball. Cowan easily dispatches a rank full toss for four. A single from Cowan. Warner smashes back past Yadav's head for a ran four. Twelve from the over, Australia start in ominous fashion.
Yadav 1-0-12-0

1st over- Australia 4/0 (Cowan 0, Warner 0)
Zaheer Khan opens the bowling for India, couple of balls worry the openers; four leg byes from the over.
Khan 1-1-0-0

Australia win toss and elect to bat.

Team News- 
Australia make one change with Nathan Lyon coming in for Mitchell Starc
India themselves make two changes. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni given a one match ban for a slow over rate in the previous test replaced by Wriddhiman Saha. Ravichandran Ashwin also in for Kumar.

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